Welcome to StreamPay's demo of an enterprise supply chain risk monitoring and payment tracking solution.


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StreamPay Development

StreamPay has already completed the following features and tools for its platform:

     • Ability to monitor supplier performance
     • Ability to integrate information from disparate legacy systems
     • Ability to analyze supplier risk-related performance
     • A customized, dynamic risk model that automatically calculates the risk of any supplier and alerts relevant staff members if a supplier moves to a higher risk category
     • Reduced response time for risk-related incidents through alerts via SMS and email
     • Ability to analyze risk-related metrics by type, supplier, location, time, or any other variable collected
     • A streamlining of the entire audit and certification process
     • Sales and customer relationship management
     • Collection of customer data (e.g., applications, scope, number of employees)
     • Price quoting/proposals based on required days, rates, scope, or complexity
     • Audit scheduling (auto-schedules surveillance per the proper cycle)
     • Auditor assignments (matches auditor industry codes with customers)
     • Electronic audits via laptops/handhelds and on-site report writing
     • The processing of nonconformance, corrective actions, appeals, and complaints
     • Certification and re-certification management
     • Certificate generation and the tracking of expiration dates
     • Financial modules for customer invoicing and the creation of accounts payable records for auditor expenses
     • Post-audit surveys to assess customer satisfaction
     • Powerful information dashboards and reporting tools
     • Immediate availability of important information across the organization
     • Assistance in quickly identifying new trends and areas needing attention
     • Facilitation of the prioritization of necessary actions to be taken
     • Management of certification body compliance to ISO Guide 62, 65, and 66 and ISO 17021 and 17065
     • Post-audit certification, registration, invoices, and other results on a website
     • Acceptance and processing of customer requests via an online portal
     • Processing of online payments for services rendered

     Currently working on Blockchain Wallet and Mobile App